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Kim Lewis is a Program Specialist and the Transition Coordinator for McDowell County Schools.

She has worked in public education since 1991. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in

education grades 6-12, from North Carolina State University, Gifted Education licensure from

the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and her Master’s degree in School

Administration from Appalachian State University. Though the majority of her experience has

been spent teaching and serving students in secondary education, where she received the

honor of being named teacher of the year, she also has taught gifted students in elementary.

She has been a middle school co-teacher, gifted education teacher, gifted education

coordinator and a program specialist.

Currently, her role as a program specialist consists of serving children with disabilities at the

secondary level by supporting and collaborating with administrators, special education

teachers, general education teachers, special education students and parents in order to

provide quality special education services. She assists in the diagnosis of strengths and

weaknesses of students through educational testing and data collection, supports and guides

teaches and schools on compliance with state and federal laws and district procedures, trains

surrogate parent volunteers, provides professional development for teachers, and assists the

EC director with the LEA self-assessment. In addition, she also serves as the transition

coordinator helping facilitate linkages with parents, businesses/industries, postsecondary

institutions, and community organizations to support students’ transition to postsecondary

education, employment and community living. Kim is passionate about students and it is her

goal to support them and help them reach their full potential.

Kim is a resident of Marion, North Carolina, and lives in the Dysartsville community. She enjoys

music, nature, helping others, is family oriented and loves serving in her community.