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Technology Team Weekly Notes October 12 2015

Active Directory Migration
Last week we finished imaging at Marion Elementary School. We are working with Toshiba to try to the the copiers done correctly. This week we are going to focus on closing out some tickets. Next week, I will have a team at Glenwood Elementary School and one at Nebo Elementary School to start imaging. The middle schools and aux buildings will be sometime after that.

Instructional Technology Facilitators
The IT’s will be in Raleigh at the Friday Institute this Wednesday (10/14) and Thursday (10/15). They will be apart of the Digital Leaders Coaching Network.

My Schedule
M: Cabinet meeting in AM, Meeting with Suzanne after lunch, BOE meeting in PM
T: Dentist Apt in the morning
W: NW Region Technology Leader Roundtable (Tentative)
H: Learning Walk

Video of the Week
The Most Magnificent Thing Stop Motion
This is Stop Motion Animation of the book "The Most Magnificent Thing" written and illustrated by Ashley Spires. Ripped Apart and animated by students at Elmwood School in Ottawa.

Weekly Notes 08 31 2015

Active Directory

We will begin imaging computers this week for the Active Directory upgrade. This week we will start with the central office. We will start with the computers we have. The other computers have been ordered, but we are waiting for them to arrive.

Old Fort is up next.

We have a deadline of November to rid the district of Novell. We plan to push through and image the rest of the schools.  Once we finish all schools we will go back and work on improving the AD experience.


On Friday, I put in ticket to make the elementary school link headings all the same. That should happen this week. The Elementary ITFs can help you post information to your school site.

Middle School ITF

I have posted the middle school ITF position.  It should be posted through Thursday of this week.


Not sure what's available from NCWiseOwl? You can use our NCWiseOwl Toolkit to help you learn more. There are tutorials, promotional materials, and information about WiseOwl Wednesdays. In fact, this Wednesday (9/2) we will begin our WiseOwl Wednesday Webinars. Britannica will be sharing with us how you can use Britannica School for differentiated instruction.


Please let's us know what letterland licenses you have. We will see if we can get a county license. Please continue to install and use the Letterland software you have. We can not push it out due to licensing.

Video of the Week

Pixar in a Box: Free Interactive Math Lessons

Pixar in a Box is designed to help students answer an age old question: "why do I need to learn this stuff?" Our answer to this question is a series of interactive lessons, each of which demonstrate how a concept introduced in school is used for creative benefit at Pixar.

My Schedule

M: Cabinet a meeting in the morning and C&I meeting in the afternoon


W: Starting at NES talking about morning announcement videos

H: Working on MAP Testing

F: Working on OSHA website with Gail Ellis in the afternoon