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Welcome to Student Services

The goal of the Student Services Program is to help students be successful in school.

Our School Counselors, School Social Workers, School Nurses, School Based Therapist and McKinney Vento Caseworkers provide a wide range of support and interventions that are designed to enhance and nurture the overall well-being of our students.  

 This team strives to be responsive to the academic, social, emotional and mental health needs of our students. We reach out to the community and agencies in order to form partnerships, secure resources, and help coordinate services for students and families. Through these agencies and partnerships, we offer prevention and interventions that address a wide variety of issues such as drug and alcohol problems and abuse, attendance, truancy, disciplinary concerns, teen pregnancy, physical and behavioral health concerns, homelessness, food insecurity, etc.

Student services also provide assistance and support to our students for academic planning toward post secondary options and goals.

Natalie Gouge-Director of Student Services-PreK-Graduation

McDowell County Schools

652-4535 ext. 300


Our School Counselors, School Social Workers, School Nurses and McKinney Vento Caseworkers:

McDowell Early College:
Terri Ingle-Counselor
Greta Smith-Nurse
Tera Willis- McKinney-Vento Caseworker
McDowell Academy for Innovation- MAI:
Melanie Rose-Counselor
Tera Willis-McKinney-Vento Caseworker
Melissa Newton-Nurse
McDowell High School:
Kendall Waugh-Counselor
Lyndsay Morris-Counselor
Brandon Smith-Counselor
Glenda Glenn-Counselor
Sherri McCoyle-Social Worker
Crystal Brown-Nurse
Tera Willis- McKinney-Vento Caseworker
Stephanie Dvorak-School Based Therapist
West Middle School
Lora Atkins-Counselor
Ellen Miller-Counselor
Diana McEntire-Nurse
Anna Fretwell-Social Worker/McKinney-Vento 
Foothills Community School
Ellen Miller-Counselor
Diana McEntire-Nurse
Anna Fretwell- Social Worker/McKinney Vento
East Middle School:
Ashley Bartlett-Counselor
Tim Partlow-Counselor
Nicole Bolick-Social Worker/McKinney Vento
Gail Ellis-Nurse
West Marion Elem.
Wendy Gaffigan-Counselor
Autumn Bartlett-Nurse
Debra Ledford- McKinney-Vento Caseworker
Pleasant Gardens Elem.
Rachael Stewart-Counselor
Lindsey Goins-Nurse
Ann James-McKinney-Vento Caseworker
Old Fort Elem.
Kristin Bearden-Counselor
Beth Gilliland-Nurse
Ann James-McKinney-Vento Caseworker
North Cove Elem.
Lori Hope-Counselor
Lindsey Goins-Nurse
Ann James- McKinney-Vento Caseworker
Nebo Elem.
Joshua Williams-Counselor
Christina Wooten-Social Worker/McKinney Vento
Greta Smith-Nurse
Marion Elem.
Jill King-Counselor
Beth Gilliland-Nurse
Ann James- McKinney-Vento Caseworker
Glenwood Elem.
Betty Ross-Counselor
Melissa Newton-Nurse
Debra Ledford- McKinney-Vento Caseworker
Eastfield Elem.
Sally Cocklin-Counselor
Sharon Warren-Nurse
Tera Willis-McKinney-Vento Caseworker
Headstart, Early Headstart 
Debra Ledford- McKinney Vento 
BOOST Coordinator- Turner Kincaid- serves middle and high schools
Project Rise Coordinator- Jessica Finley



Know How 2 Go

KnowHow2GO is a campaign designed to encourage students and veterans to prepare for college. Learn how to be college-ready!

CFNC-Career Interest Explorer Assessment for Elementary Students


Teenage Drug Abuse – A Guide for Parents & Educators

This guide helps parents and teachers prevent drug abuse among young adults. It also provides actionable steps on how to best help the child if he comes in contact with substances.

Vaping 101 – Health Relation, Benefits, Dangers, Fun Facts, And More

Quit Smoking Community guide shows the dangers of vaping and electronic
cigarettes to teenagers: