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Annual Required Health Training for Staff

By law, all North Carolina school staff are required to annually participate in Allergy, Bloodborne Pathogen, and Diabetes training.  The purpose of this training is to help prepare staff to respond to the needs of students with health issues.  This training enables staff to know when to call for assistance. Only identified and additionally trained staff will be required to administer any needed medications.

Each staff member should view the 3 powerpoint presentations ( Asthma, Allergies and Seizures, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Hands-on Guidance for Diabetic Care), indicate where they work and take the test after viewing each presentation.  Test responses will be recorded.

McDowell County Schools policies require identified school staff to annually participate in Lice Detection, Medication Administration, and Return to Learn After Concussion training.  These trainings allow identified staff to assist students with specific needs.  


All staff working with students (principals, assistant principals, all teachers, teacher assistants, secretaries, school counselors, social workers, school nurses, bus drivers, and coaches) are required to view the Return to Learn After Concussion powerpoint and complete the associated test.  A concussion can affect every aspect of a student's life.  It is important to recognize the symptoms of a concussion and to know how to assist the student with every part of their school day during their recovery. This same group is to view the Youth Suicide Prevention powerpoint and complete that test as well. A student may mention thoughts of suicide or other self-harm to anyone they feel comfortable talking to. It is important to know how to intervene quickly to get appropriate and timely help for the student.

The principal and school nurse at each school will determine the designated staff to be trained for lice detection and medication administration.  These staff members will be notified and will need to view the powerpoint presentation(s) that apply to their designated responsibility.  The school nurse will set up a time with the staff members to provide additional training once the powerpoints have been viewed.

Gail Ellis, BSN, NCSN, Lead School Nurse