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The Finance Department is committed to providing timely, accurate, clear and complete information and support to schools, other departments, citizens, and the community at large.


McDowell County Schools Year End Deadlines 2019-2020

 The majority of all your expenses and requests should be completed before these
dates. Any requests and purchases made during this time should be minimal and for the
remainder of the current school year only.

1. ABC Transfers (Textbook, months of employment): 5/15/2020

2. All POs entered into the system: 5/15/2020
• Recommend entering all Purchase Orders before this date to ensure items are
received and invoiced on a timely basis.

3. Any POs in the system remaining open will be closed: 6/5/2020
• After closing of open Purchase Orders, the remaining balances will be reviewed.
• Any items needing to be paid after this date will need to be sent directly to the CO as a
check request or invoice.

4. All disbursements (non-payroll) are completed and posted: 6/10/2020
Any items to be paid after this date will need to be sent with an explanation of how the
items being paid for benefited current year students and why there was a delay in the
invoice being processed (excludes copier bill). In general, these requests will be
reverted to be paid from school funds.
5. All computer equipment for this year should be ordered before 2/28/2020 (note this is
later deadline this year and will be moved back in future years)
Any purchases for a subsequent school year will need to be placed on or after July 1st
and posted into the 2020/2021 year.
Please feel free to contact the finance department with any questions.