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AVID-Advancement via Individual Determination

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID is not just another program…
at its heart, AVID is a philosophy
Hold students accountable to the highest standards, provide academic and social support, and they will rise to the challenge.

AVID is an elective class offered to students who would like to prepare for four-year colleges and universities. Students must have satisfactory citizenship and behavior, good attendance, and a G.P.A. of 2.5-3.75 or higher. Applicants must be motivated to work toward college eligibility.

The AVID curriculum, based on rigorous standards, was developed by middle and senior high school teachers in collaboration with college professors. It is driven by the WICOR method, which stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading. AVID curriculum is used in AVID elective classes and in content-area classes (English language arts, math, science, and social studies) in AVID schools.

AVID Site Team Members at McDowell High School:
Jennifer Gant-Math Teacher-Site Team Coordinator
Jessica Ferguson-English/History Teacher
Heather Foster-English Teacher
Autumn Rumfelt-Sophomore School Counselor
Adam Wiseman-ITF
Jennifer Croymans-Titan Academy Administrator
Missy Redmond-History Teacher
Kristen Lewis-Science Teacher
Jennifer Brooks-Health/PE Teacher
Stewart Massey-History Teacher
Natalie Gouge-Director of Student Services-McDowell County Schools
The Sophomore AVID class has chosen their new motto to be used for the next 3 years.
We don't dream of success. We work for it!

Shout-Outs to AVID

School Year 14-15

The McDowell High AVID Senior class recently achieved distinction as being the first AVID class to attain 100% admission to four year universities. All 17 students have been admitted to college and most have multiple options from which to choose. To date these students have earned $1,000,600 in scholarship offers from various universities across the state and nation. These students came together in the Fall of 2012 and have supported and pushed each other to success. Their class motto is “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Through hard work and determination they learned strategies to help them achieve success in high school and acquired skills that will ensure their success in college. Over the past 3 years they have visited many colleges, taken several team building trips, and have grown to be a supportive network for each other. Their diligence has paid off. McDowell County is proud of their accomplishments and wishes them the best of luck in the future.

2015 AVID Senior Class

Yuliana Arriola-Mars Hill

Ashley Benge-University of Arizona

Shania Conley-Mars Hill

Destiny Finn-Mars Hill

Hunter Flynn-Mars Hill

Emma Hogan-Meredith

Zachary Joyner-North Carolina A&T

Alexandra Juarez-Azpeitia-Mars Hill or Lenoir Rhyne

Jaime Kelly-Mars Hill

Taylor Lee-Lenoir Rhyne through Western Piedmont

Pedro Leon Perez-Mars Hill

Megan Moore-Western Carolina University

Jorge Queriapa Herrera- Lenoir Rhyne

Taylor Raines-Mars Hill or South College of Asheville

Jonathan Waldroup- South College of Asheville

Ashlee Withrow-Lenoir Rhyne

Allison Wright- Undecided between Chapel Hill, NC State, and Salem


School Year 16-17


All Freshman are being exposed to Cornell Note-taking in their core academic classes. They are also working on organizational skills through the use of notebooks.